Following our Chairman becoming a recognised as a Health Champion, In 2013 we began our Spec Fit project in partnership with Wigan Borough Sports Council. The initiative is designed to build capacity and provide activities that can support health and wellbeing within our community.

With funding support the initiative became a platform to develop various successful club projects that would benefit both our members and other clubs though out our local area and the country. From supporting club memberships and participation levels to securing equipment for more classes and activities.

The SpecFit project also enabled us to develop our club recipe book. Created to provide nutritional advice, healthy alternatives and the tools to increase the food, nutrition and health of our members the recipe book also increased revenue to reinvest for the benefit of our members.

Following its success, we wanted to provide the same opportunity for other members and clubs to benefit from. Through the second phase of our SpecFit project, we developed a website platform which provided the recipe for other clubs to rebrand and make their own increasing its reach and impact and providing other clubs with a sustainable income.