Posted: August 6, 2017

It was a fantastic day with over 40 junior and senior members competing in our Leigh Judo quarterly grading on Sunday. There were many accomplished techniques and performances from members highlighting the great progress made this year so far!

Well done to all who graded, in particularly those who graded for the first time and a number of seniors achieving their 1st KYU (Brown belt) to begin their black belt journey. With many seniors starting the club new to judo, we are very proud to watch all of our members and club grow and progress. With a number of seniors brown belts we will be introducing increasing opportunities for strength and conditioning for our senior members in preparation of Dan grading.

Many parents commented of efficient, enjoyable and organised the day was. It was in huge part to the fantastic team of seniors who came to help support head coach Luke Brown. A special thank you to Mark Harrison, Tom Negle, Joe Nordof, Jason Cossey, Vicky Taylor and Stephanie Bradley who helped to support head Coach Luke Brown.

We are open throughout the summer with no time off. We also have a special guest performing a Leigh Judo Club masterclass in August. Stay tuned, it won’t be one to miss!