LeighJudo Running Club

The best way to get fit and healthy!

Leigh Judo running club was established in May 2014 and is affiliated to the Association of Running Clubs. Initially created to support the fitness development of our Leigh Judo team, the running club has become much more encompassing walkers, keep fitters, fun runners and keen/experienced racers. However diverse our individual goals, as a group our main aim is to have fun as well as keep fit.

leigh judo running club

If you are simply wanting to keep fit, preparing for your first 5k or half marathon, running solo and need some company and motivation or want to make some new friends. Please feel free to join us at Leigh Judo Running Club for a free running session and let us help you achieve your goals.

It is the policy of Leigh Judo Running Club to support events hosted by local running clubs whenever possible. Our club and running club members also support local park runs, charity events and fun runs in our local community.  At Leigh Judo Running Club we always provide the opportunity to enjoy taking part in a sport that provides the chance for everyone to find the event that suits them best. As well as the opportunity to train and compete at whatever level you choose.

For more information about our running club including routes and training times, contact us.